API Service

The solution to verify your target consumer data based on the data owned by Telkomsel.

Brands collaborating with API Service:

All data verified through the API (Application Programming Interface) Service adheres to the principles of data confidentiality and personal data protection, so this must be approved by Telkomsel customers.


Financial Institutions get
customer approval *. Whether it's
existing customers/new customers

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Financial Institutions
verify and send
Telkomsel cellphone
numbers as well as confirm customer approval


Telkomsel receives
verification requests & customer approval,
processes, and provides
verification results to
Financial Institutions

* Customer approval regarding personal data must explicitly state that the customer is willing to be verified by a third party/their personal data that are in a third party is processed and sent to the Financial Institution where the customer applies for a loan in order to apply for the loan

Active Status

API-based service to verify the status of
Telkomsel customers, in the form of
Active/Grace Period/
Inactive information.

This service is able to use for:
  • Data Cleansing, so that service providers can further optimize their analysis data
  • Cost Savings for the campaign
  • The next data enrichment process will run more effectively when combined with other API capabilities.
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Roaming Status

API-based service to verify
Telkomsel customer status,
whether roaming or not.

This service is able to use to
detect Fraud Transactions from abroad
Location Verification

API-based services to verify
the home and/or office addresses of
Telkomsel, customers, for example for the purpose
of disbursing bank loans.

This service is able to use for:
  • Registration: Improve data verification process’ time
  • Verification: Reduce potential Fraud with mobility data from Telkomsel
  • Data update: Dynamic profiling of Telkomsel’s users.
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Call Forward

API-based service to verify
Telkomsel customers who
activate the Call Forwarding
feature (call forwarding).

This service is able to use for:
  • Detect fraudulent transactions 
  • Improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns
  • Cost and Time Savings for voice based services
  • Can be combined with other APIs for other use cases.
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