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Wednesday July 22nd, 2020

Brand Communication in Indonesia in Response to Pandemic

By : Bizinsight

The pandemic has shocked and changed the reality of many in their daily lives and challenges the operating model that is already running and well planned by industry players, including in terms of marketing. How brand communication responds to pandemics and after pandemics is also become a question. Especially when considering the situation in Indonesia when the pandemic occurred just before the best moment for marketing, Ramadan, and Eid.

According to PwC, for companies in the early months when the pandemic extends it will be an intense work time with and on the brand. This is because the company must be able to verify the meaning and credibility of its mission, which must also define the non-commercial objectives of its existence.

Also, verifying the level of empathy becomes a necessity. Because companies need to have the ability to hear the voice of consumers and understand their expectations. Flexibility during a pandemic is also important to communicate the company’s readiness and ability to respond with the change.

At a time like now, most brands leave the competition and join in the joint struggle against threats to our health. Many useful initiatives were born here.

This is the right time for the narration and the values ​​expressed to be conveyed in the form of stories. This is a moment to build support and community by providing tangible assistance, and reinforcing brand values ​​through storytelling.

Therefore, through this article, we try to summarize several brands that have successfully carried out brand communication and strengthen their position in the middle of a pandemic through stories.


Telkomsel started its message during a pandemic through the #DiRumahTerusMaju campaign. Through this campaign, Telkomsel emphasizes its commitment to maintain network reliability and support all customer expectations from its home.

Ahead of Ramadan, the Kampenye Keep on Running Goodness was present and was part of the #DiRumahTerusMaju campaign. Through this campaign, Telkomsel emphasizes the message that keeping distance is not an obstacle in undergoing Ramadan because there are 1001 ways to continue to do good, including through the services provided by Telkomsel.

As part of the Telkomsel family, Telkomsel DigiAds also supports the #DiRumahTerusMaju campaign. Telkomsel DigiAds is committed to continuing to provide the same service despite having to undergo work from home procedures.

Grab Indonesia

Grab may not be a local company, but the #SiapAntarRamadanmu campaign has won the hearts of its users in Indonesia. This campaign was delivered well through a video ad titled Ramadan Ala Yang at Rumah Aja.

This ad is unique because Grab claims that the process is 100% without physical contact between the talents in the ad. Combined with interesting music and stop motion animation, Grab’s message was well conveyed.

Through this advertisement, Grab wants to emphasize its commitment to serving customers with their available services during Ramadan such as food delivery and packages. Of course, by still following the procedures to keep the physical distance appeal by the government.

P&G Indonesia

Last, there is the P&G Indonesia with the #MaafIbuDiHidupku campaign. This campaign also succeeded in attracting the attention of customers in Indonesia. The interesting part is that the advertisement was taken in February 2020, but P&G Indonesia succeeded in positioning it as part of the #DiRumahAja campaign.

Through this advertisement, P&G Indonesia wants to convey the message that Ramadan 2020 is special. With the physical distance and the suggestion of #DiRumahAja, it can bring the heart closer. P&G invites its customers to recall how the mother’s prayers and forgiveness helped to undergo a life test. In the end, this advertisement succeeded in strengthening the position of P&G products in the mother and child category.

Take Away

The three ads above are ads that made it to YouTube Leaderboard: Ramadan 2020 for the APAC region. All three are just a tip of the iceberg of brand communication strategies that can be done during a pandemic.

There are still many stories about how big brands carry brand communication during a pandemic. Some give discounts for services to free up service fees within a certain period, prioritizing employee safety, to continue to sound positive messages on various channels.

In the end, brand communication during this pandemic is about brand flexibility. How they can convey empathy through positive messages, listen and understand consumer expectations, and show commitment to be able to provide the same service as before the pandemic.

Messages made can also be conveyed through various available channels such as social media, television, banners on the internet, to classic channels such as SMS. As a service focused on digital marketing and advertising, Telkomsel DigiAds can provide alternative channels. Starting from messaging services such as SMS to the placement of banners in other Telkomsel services.

Telkomsel DigiAds itself will continue to strive to grow to become a “digital marketing solutions provider” capable of providing complete, integrated, and innovative digital advertising services while also maximizing reach, efficiency, and flexibility. Not only by utilizing Telkomsel’s extensive network but also supported by a comprehensive Customer Data Management (DMP) platform.

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