Friday December 14th, 2018

Survey: All about Travelers, Hobbies or “Escape” Routines?

By : Bizinsight

The preferences of tourists or travelers on vacation are quite diverse. The variety in travel was quite interesting to observe. To record this uniqueness, Telkomsel Digital Advertising conducted a survey involving 111,312 respondents spread from various parts of Indonesia through the Telkomsel ROLi application.

When the end of the year coming, people began to busy arranging their vacation plans. There are those who plan out of town, challenging mountain climbing trips, or just want to find an atmosphere that is totally different from traveling abroad.

For some, traveling is a hobby. Others do it only to spend the rest of their leave. There are also those who really make it a passion so they are willing to spend months on a journey to the satisfaction of finding beautiful, hidden panoramas.

Nevertheless, there are also those who cannot stand the length of the trip so they choose express transportation such as airplanes. Indeed, they have different preferences when traveling. Therefore we feel that the sundries in traveling are quite interesting to observe.

To record this uniqueness, Telkomsel Digital Advertising conducted a survey involving 111,312 customers spread from various parts of Indonesia through the Telkomsel ROLI application. The response we got regarding their travel experiences varied.

Of the hundreds of thousands of respondents, there were only those who had traveled once a year. The percentage is 57%. The highest compared to those who traveled two, three, or more than four times a year.

Perhaps the extremely busy activities make them not have time to go anywhere. Maybe tourism might not be the main refreshing option for them.

In fact, Indonesia is a country with thousands of islands with oceans and beautiful stretches of beautiful beaches. Not to mention the mountains that soar high into the sky that if you reach the top you will be amazed by the magnificent panorama that has never been witnessed before.

If natural tourism is not the main option, then traveling around the city looking for entertainment is certainly the next alternative. From the survey conducted, 51% of respondents said that they preferred tourism in the city, while the other 40% went out of town, and the remaining 9% chose to travel abroad.

When asked which tourist destination to go to, 40% of respondents who took the survey said that they wanted to go to the beach. Whereas the next choice falls in the highlands with the percentage of respondents who voted to reach 26%. Meanwhile rural and urban locations have the same percentage, which is 14%. Only about 6% of respondents chose to visit historic sites as their tourist destinations.

For matters of tickets and lodging, online ticket booking services companies such as Traveloka,, Trivago, and Pegipegi are the choices of respondents to buy tickets and lodging reservations. Uniquely, from the results of this survey, Pegipegi managed to come out as the first choice for matters of ticket booking and lodging. Pegipegi succeeded in defeating other services with the percentage of respondents who chose their services reaching 48%.

With various attractive offers such as cheap price promos and ease of service, it seems that customers are starting to switch to buying tickets online rather than going to a travel agent.

The hotel itself is still a favorite lodging place with a percentage of 56%. However, home-based models such as those offered by Airbnb also seem to start attracting travelers.

For aircraft transportation, Garuda Indonesia airlines are still more favored in domestic and foreign flights. Followed by Batik Air, Citilink, Lion Air, and other airlines.

Such is the flashback of traveling about traveling which involved 111,312 respondent from Telkomsel ROLi users. The results of this survey are used as the initial database for business people for campaign needs or marketing strategies, especially those engaged in traveling.