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Friday November 29th, 2019

Data-Driven Marketing Challenges from the CEO Perspective

By : Bizinsight

In this all-connected time, data-driven marketing is commonplace for more effective and efficient results. However, just because you can collect data from various sources, it doesn’t guarantee that you can easily do data-driven marketing. There are several data-driven marketing challenges that need to be understood because doing this is not as easy as reading a book.

Data-driven marketing is about using structured data and unstructured data about your customers. The data is processed in such a way that it can gain insight and help in making effective decisions from it. If done correctly, this practice can help marketers personalize marketing and generate 5-8 times the ROI.

As sweet as the benefits are, at the same time, several data-driven marketing challenges need to be known by marketers. Below are the three fundamental data-driven marketing challenges that companies need to know if they want to do data-based marketing according to the CEO and President Director of PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. Hemant Bakshi, CEO of India and Southeast Asia Havas Media Vishnu Mohan, and Managing Director of EMTEK Mr. Sutanto Hartono which was delivered during the 2019 MMA Impact Indonesia event in Jakarta.

Using the right tools

Using the right tools to manage the data/Christina Morillo on Pexels

Using the right tools to manage the data/Christina Morillo on Pexels

Data is everywhere nowadays. Filtering from this sea of ​​information will certainly take time. Therefore, according to Hartono, using the right tools to manage the data that has been collected and filtered is crucial. Hartono learned this in a hard way.

Hartono said that in the early days of the EMTEK digital ecosystem was built, they treated each of the digital entities separately. This makes them miss the most important things such as a broader consumer roadmap. For example, to find out whether the same viewers consume certain articles for certain video content and then make a transaction.

Hartono added, to deal with this, they started from the most basic things, which is by building a DMP (Data Management Platform). By implementing it, EMTEK now has a better ability to find out cross-user cross-user trips.

However, other challenges remain. One of them is about managing an organization to be more data-oriented because not all talents are data-savvy. To deal with this, Hartono said that he conducted many experiments. For instance, forming a task force that pairs marketing and product teams so that they are on the same boat and can create a way to be more data-oriented.

Search for and find the right talent

Finding the right data savvy talent/Startup Stock Photo on Pexels

Finding the right data-savvy talent/Startup Stock Photo on Pexels

If Hartono represents the corporation, the data-driven marketing challenges felt by Mohan with Havas Media which he leads represent the agency. While it felt different, it could be said, both are still related.

Mohan said that the main task of his organization was to facilitate several decisions that need to be taken by marketers based on data. Therefore, the biggest challenge felt by Mohan is more in the area of ​​talent.

In this matter, two things concern Mohan. The first is to look for creative and data-oriented talents. The second one is to find talents who have the ability to make it simple.

When dealing with data, it means that you will meet with data scientists. They are people who love technology but most of them can’t simplify what they knew.

If you talk to them, you’ll hear a lot of jargon you’ve never heard of before. Therefore, the talent that can become a bridge and convey the jargon more simply is one of Mohan’s concerns.


Simplified the data/Lukas on Pexels

Simplified the data/Lukas on Pexels

There is one thing that should not be forgotten when doing data-driven marketing, which is the fact that brands want to land the most persuasive and relevant content to target consumers at the right time. This is where leaders such as CEOs and CMOs play a role, which is to simplify.

With so many technologies and messages in this digital age, human attention span and focus also decrease to become like a fish. Therefore relevant and easily understood messages by consumers are important and according to Hemant and this is possible because of the availability of abundant data. Of course, after the challenge factors such as talent and also the tools used are no longer an obstacle.

Hemant also said that this is the best time to become a brand manager or digital marketer for young people. With the abundance of data, a lot of creative marketing campaigns should be able to be done, compared to before the era when technology was not as sophisticated as it is today.

For example, by marketing through many digital channels that are currently available. Either it is advertisements on websites, social media, or classic technology channels such as SMS. The use of SMS itself is still relevant today in delivering marketing messages to expand the way customers are connected to technology-based companies.

SMS itself can reach all layers of the current mobile user market. When this technology is combined with data-based marketing methods, the capability of targeting the targets also increases.

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