Wednesday December 26th, 2018

Top 4 Social Media Trends for Digital Marketing in 2019

By : Bizinsight

In the world of digital marketing, various campaign ideas and innovations are like scrambling to surface. Static billboards at crossroads are no longer able to accommodate the disruption of ideas that today are switching channels to various social media platforms. The emergence of these ideas then gave rise to euphoric effects which in minutes could become a trend and everyone was busy talking about it, in cyberspace to the real world.

Yes, social media has indeed become a trend aggregator that inspires a burst of creative ideas. At the end of this year, Bizinsight will review four trends that are expected to be effective as a marketing strategy on social media in 2019.

Stories Feature

The Block Party global marketing consulting company in its 2018 report said that the share rate through stories features increased 15 times faster than sharing them through the home or feed walls. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are social media platforms that are widely used for these activities. What we needed is very simple, which is only a smartphone and foresight to see unique moments and things.

Stories are indeed able to provide an intimate sensation that is more real-time and personal for those who witness it. For brands, this strategy is considered to be able to create a more intimate impression and approach with customers so that they do not hesitate to mention the relevant brand accounts and inspire other customers to interact.

Such a humanist approach is considered to be easier to invite engagement. However, if customer questions are exploding, your brand may have to look at chatbot technology that is able to respond to them quickly.


Social Listening

This term may not be too familiar for everyone. In a simple explanation, social listening is a search activity through the web and social media to find customers who write keywords for a particular brand or industry. Of course, those who are potential leads are traced.

For example, like the illustration below. There are a number of users who request random solutions related to search engine optimization (SEO).

According to Social Media Today, this strategy is expected to be more widely used in 2019 as a customer service that aims to improve brand reputation. If so, marketers will easily find customers who need specific products or services they offer.

Source: Social Media Today

Instant Messaging Application

Based on Mary Meeker 2018 Internet Trends Report, the total number of users of short message-based social media such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, and Twitter when combined has reached five billion. Meanwhile, the results of the 2018 Reuters Institute Digital News Report state that half of the teenagers spend three hours a day with these social media applications.

Marketers certainly see the results of the report as an opportunity to intensify the campaign. However, communicating on a one-on-one basis to customers as can be done through a short message application needs to be done carefully.

It is important to realize that the privacy of customers is still a priority. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid unwanted messages — especially for brands that use automation such as chatbots.

Branding through instant messages apps can be done by making stickers for WhatsApp that can be downloaded for free by customers. The brand can also provide instant messaging services when customers need something from the product or service offered.

Domino’s Pizza Service Order on Facebook Messenger/Pinterest

Social CEO

Social media this year has been rocked by hoaxes and violations of privacy in the form of theft of personal data for political purposes. Both problems affect customer trust in the brand, mass media, and even social media itself.

In the midst of such a situation, it is important for a CEO or company leader to come to the surface and “socialize”. According to Social Report, this method can improve the company’s reputation, build trust in customers and users, and make job seekers interested in working in your company.

Based on Oktopost’s data in 2016, only 40% of company leaders are active on social media. Most (70%) of that number only uses LinkedIn.

The CEO does not have to be live Instagram every day, but can write on company blogs, Tweet with his personal account, or write blogs on LinkedIn and share them on various social media platforms. Public wants to hear it directly from you.



Marketing trends keep changing from year to year. Some of these trends are long-lasting and affect the industry, but some are just a moment of euphoria and the next trend crashes.

Social media, with a total user reaching five billion, certainly provides a very significant opportunity for marketers. Social media users today also no longer dominant only on one particular platform.

Your Facebook leads certainly have different characteristics from those on Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and so on. It is important for marketers to have a multiplatform mindset. That way, you will find out what content is relevant for each platform.