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Friday November 30th, 2018

Becoming a DIY Traveler in the Age of Digitization

By : Bizinsight

In the past, if you want to take a vacation or work out of town, you should look for the nearest travel agent to book transportation tickets. That is also uncertain you can get a departure ticket on the same day.

But today, technology is increasingly pampering you with all-in offers, from round-trip tickets, lodging packages, restaurant reservations, to recommendations for unique and interesting places to visit. All of these needs even available on one platform offered by a number of digital traveling companies.

Yes, digital is indeed a keyword. Digitizing in the world of traveling business makes you a DIY (do-it-yourself) traveler — a term that is often used because it is so easy for someone to arrange his traveling plans for himself.

When you arrive at your destination, you no longer need to be busy looking for transportation that will take you to the hotel. From exiting the airport until arriving at the hotel, everything can be planned neatly in advance.

The interconnection between online travel companies with hotels, transportation, restaurants, and other various traveling needs is a breakthrough that has revolutionized the tourism business today. Plus the unstoppable flow of information that makes people have crazy ideas in traveling.

Out there, a number of giant travel companies even dare to offer travel packages to extreme places such as the North Pole or even space – such as that offered by the British commercial spacecraft company Virgin Galactic, despite the controversy in it.

However, the most important thing is that business people must respond to the disruption of this technology with digital innovation. If observed, domestically, big players of online travel businesses such as and Traveloka compete to offer tempting offers such as cheap ticket promos, discounts, dinner vouchers, and quizzes with free-flying prizes.

If you are a traveling or backpacker lover, such offers will certainly encourage you not to think long and immediately book a ticket. Especially if you have not long enough to breathe the fresh air of the countryside or enjoy the sunrise on the mountain top with a view on the clouds.

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Meanwhile, for those of you who have just been newlywed, domestic and foreign vacation packages offered by online travel agencies are certainly very tempting to try. You can immediately get A number of recommendations for tourist attractions from their service. It can be very helpful and make it easier for you and your partner in planning your honeymoon.

Travel companies such as Airbnb that come with the concept of “staying at a stranger’s house” also add references to vacation style. New couples who want to honeymoon with a homey and private atmosphere might be more suited to the concept offered by this California company.

Quoting The Guardian, Airbnb’s idea is actually not new. The concept of staying in foreign people’s homes has been done for centuries. It’s just that technology is now able to make it accelerated and easily accessible to become a service that is used globally today.

If you are not too sure of the facilities, whether the house offered will be in accordance with expectations so that it gives comfort, you can easily look for reviews or testimonials of other customers about the offer. Everything is in the digital world.

Customer Expectations

On the business side, travel companies today are not only dealing with breakthrough innovative ideas and concepts that are constantly raised by fellow competitors. At the same time, these various breakthroughs ultimately made the expectations and desires of customers continue to increase.

Traveling for some is a hobby but for others, it is a passion. However, of course, the performers have personal preferences or favorite tendencies. Travel companies must be more advanced in offering personalized services based on their previous profile or travel history.

The World Economic Forum notes, the travel and tourism industry targets the number of air transport passengers in 2036 to be 7.8 billion people. While the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) predicts the number of foreign visits in 2020 will reach 1.4 billion people and 1.8 billion by 2030.

Indonesia as an archipelagic country and its beautiful clear beaches and towering mountains as “pasak bumi” has the potential to be the prime target of world natural tourism. Then just how these business people are able to adjust to the demands of customers who now want fast, personal, smooth, and certainly safe services to explore the earth.

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