Digital Marketing 2019
Friday December 14th, 2018

Four Digital Marketing Trends 2019 That Need Watch

By : Bizinsight

The new year is in sight and marketers are back to the simple question, “What will happen in the marketing world next year?”. Well, in this dynamic and rapidly growing world, being at the forefront can make a difference in many ways. The more you can plan ahead, the better you feel ready to manage those changes when they occur.

Video Marketing

In 2018, the video became one of the favorite marketing channels, including digital marketers in Indonesia. This can not be separated from the penetration of smartphones that continue to climb and also much better internet access. The shift in watching behavior in society becomes unavoidable. From those who previously watched television, they will slowly watch video shows from their mobile devices.

Based on data from Ericsson Mobility Report 2018, video data traffic on cellular networks is expected to grow by around 35 percent per year until 2024 and will dominate 74 percent of all cellular data traffic. This can happen because a video has become part of most content on the internet. In addition, the presence of immersive media formats and applications (HD / UHD, 360-degree video, AR, VR) also has a significant impact.

Ericsson Mobility Report 2018

Ericsson Mobility Report 2018

In Indonesia, the trend of video marketing has seen growth. Various companies, both startup or established ones, are also increasingly aggressively releasing marketing videos with entertaining concepts but can educate their target market. In fact, even a well-executed video marketing can save the life of the company (Old Spice) who has almost died. Next year, this trend will continue to grow and what will be a differentiator is the concept and creativity.

Inbound Marketing

The digital world in 2018 is actually already crowded. There are nearly 4.2 billion internet users worldwide in October 2018, according to a report from The State of the Internet in Q4 2018 from We Are Social. In one minute, there can be 3.7 million searches through Google. Yes, the internet has been so crowded and has not shown a slowdown.


Internet dalam satu menit

Internet in One Minute

Then, why do you need to pay attention to inbound marketing? Simple, because regardless of the monthly advertising budget you have, $ 100 or $ 100,000, you definitely want to get the biggest return for the money you spend and inbound marketing can provide that. According to Tina Garg, Founder andĀ also CEO of Pink Lemonade, the cost-per-lead of inbound marketing is cheaper and effective compared to traditional marketing.

Inbound marketing itself generally revolves around the content on your site or other relevant channels, about how to create valuable experiences that have a positive impact on people and your business. Through relevant and useful content, you attract customers to your site or blog, engage them further through e-mail or other means of conversation, and promise sustainable values from the company. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Influencer Marketing

In 2018, how many influential people on social media do you follow and promote products/services on their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook timeline? This is a form of influencer marketing, a new marketing technique that a decade ago no one could imagine. This is a fruit of overly addicted social media that continues to increase.

Type of Native Ads Used / Getcraft

Type of Native Ads Used/Getcraft

One of the strongest reasons a brand uses this channel is to build consumer trust. Nielsen has reported that 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals, even if they don’t know the person directly.

But, you also need to pay attention to several things if you want to choose this channel. No matter how creative and original the content is made by influencers, once they have a scandal, it is quite possible that your brand will also get hurt.


In recent years, the popularity of chatbots has continued to increase and this trend is predicted to continue into the following year. The popularity of chatbots is increasing because of its ability to respond to basic questions from customers. This certainly can help brands save time and money.

Some companies such as Domino, Kayak, and CNN have even succeeded in adopting a well-developed Facebook chatbot to increase engagement. This trend will continue to grow next year and is likely to become something normal given the pace of development of smartphone technology that is increasingly unstoppable.

So, what about artificial intelligence, the blockchain, IoT, or other sophisticated tech things?

Just because it is not included in the list does not mean that these trends can be ignored. Technology that continues to grow will actually become a great repertoire of new tools in the arsenal of 2019 digital marketing players. Regarding how they can use the tool efficiently, it becomes another story

In the near future, the trend above is the best to focus on in 2019 for most businesses. Test them, and see what’s best for you to determine your personal ideal marketing mix. This is an investment that will definitely pay off.