Campaign Insight Report Telkomsel MyAds/DigiAds
Thursday June 4th, 2020

Campaign Insight Report Telkomsel MyAds is Launched

By : digiads

Campaign insight report Telkomsel MyAds is officially launched. With this new feature, ad reports on Telkomsel MyAds become more complete because there is a comprehensive insight into the recipients of your advertisements.

Campaign insight report Telkomsel MyAds is the latest feature that contains a comprehensive report on ad campaigns that have been published through Telkomsel MyAds. This report will contain information about the ads that have been displayed (the number of successes and failures) in graphical form. MyAds customers can also view message recipient profile information such as Age and Gender.

However, some things need to be noted. At this time, the Campaign Insight Report feature is only available for Broadcast and Targeted services. Also, insight in the form of segmentation of ad recipient profiles can be accessed only if the number of ad recipients reaches a minimum of 100 numbers.

Tutorial on How to Use the Telkomsel MyAds Campaign Insight Report

How to use Telkomsel MyAds Campaign Insight Report is easy. You can follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Telkomsel MyAds account using your registered email and password.
  2. After the ad is displayed, each ad will generate an ad report after 1×24 hours.
  3. To access the report, enter the Report menu, select “Period” to display the report, and click “Show”.
  4. When the ad Report menu list appears, click ‘View Graph’ on the desired Report ad.
  5. MyAds will display insight into the ad recipient profile.

With this new feature, you can understand better who receives your advertising messages and design more effective strategies for your ad messages. Let’s arrange your best promotional message with Telkomsel MyAds. Don’t forget to top up your balance and use the paket promo Juni Optimis Telkomsel MyAds. You can buy this package from 1-30 June 2020.

Telkomsel MyAds is a service that facilitates its users to create and display advertisements. The advertising message is intended specifically for Telkomsel customers in supporting the marketing activities of business owners. The ad that has been made can be sent in Broadcast, Targeted, or based on a specific location (Location-Based Advertising). There are three media that can be used for sending advertisements that have been made at Telkomsel MyAds, namely SMS, MMS, and pop-up messages (USSD).