Apresiasi Kemenpar untuk Telkomsel MSIGHT / Telkomsel Digiads
Thursday June 29th, 2017

Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism Appreciate Telkomsel MSIGHT Support on Tourism in Indonesia

By : Bizinsight

June 7, 2017 – Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Indonesia Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) visited Telkomsel Smart Office (TSO) in Jakarta to appreciate Telkomsel contribution in promoting Indonesia tourism through Telkomsel MSIGHT services. It is to follow-up to the partnership that was established in 2016 between Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Telkomsel MSIGHT to help the ministry in updating and get insight into tourism data more quick and accurate. The delegation from Telkom and MD Media also assisted in this visit.

Deputy of Tourism Marketing Development Indonesian Ministry of Tourism Prof. Dr. I Gde Pitana, MSc., Expert Staff Minister of Digital Data Kemenpar Sam Nugroho and Deputy of Distribution and Service Statistics BPS Yunita is attended in this visit.

In July 2016, Telkomsel established a partnership with Indonesian Ministry of Tourism which aims to help update tourism data through MSIGHT, a big data service that can provide information and analysis of daily behavioral data from Telkomsel subscribers. Through MSIGHT, Telkomsel can provide new insights on tourism data for the Ministry through the analysis of the movement of tourists, both domestic and foreign.

The analysis of the movement is determined by the intensity of cellular transactions and the movement of subscribers from the origin city to another city. Furthermore, the data is further analyzed based on subscribers length of stay at the location and subscribers profile. From this partnership, the ministry will get updated data of tourism more quickly and accurate from Telkomsel with the output of interactive dashboard.

The Delegation of Indonesian Ministry of Tourism in Telkomsel Office / Telkomsel Digiads

The Delegation of Indonesian Ministry of Tourism in Telkomsel Office / Telkomsel Digiads

The delegation’s visit started with remarks from Telkomsel’s Director of Planning & Transformation Edward Ying who thanked for the visit from the ministry. Then it followed by the introduction of Telkomsel by Vice President of Corporate Communications Adita Irawati and closed with the introduction of Telkomsel Integrated Operation Center by GM IOC Management Charles Mankin.

The event then continued with the submission of plaque from Telkomsel to Indonesian Ministry of Tourism represented by Edward Ying and Prof. Dr. I Gde Pitana, MSc. After that, the group took a short tour to the Telkomsel Integrated Operation Center room hosted by Charles Mankin.

At the end of the visit, the delegation gained a deeper insight into the MSIT product portfolio and solution for Tourist Traffic Measurement delivered by Vice President of Telkomsel Digital Advertising and Analytics Harris Wijaya.

Based on the Indonesia-Investment report, the tourism sector of Indonesia contributes only 4% of the total economy. However, by 2019 the Indonesian government wants to double this number, reaching 8% of the GDP. While based on BPS data itself, in 2019 it estimated that Indonesia’s tourism will be able to attract 275 million domestic tourists and 20 million tourists with potential foreign exchange earnings can reach Rp 275 trillion.