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Thursday January 11th, 2018

Four Reason Why SMS Still Rule

By : Bizinsight

In this digital era with a high penetration rate of smartphones, many believed that Short Messaging Service (SMS) has met their end. But, the fact is SMS still one of the relevant technologies to be used today in the mids of many instants messaging services that rely on the internet. According to ACL Mobile, there are four reasons that make SMS still a reliable tech to the date.

1. Able to reach customers with a seamless process

In general, most of the people read SMS within minutes after receiving them. It gives SMS a higher engagement rate than emails and OTT apps. In addition to it, SMS also has a lower communication barrier. SMS only need mobile phone device and mobile carrier network services to send and receive the content. It makes SMS the right choice when you want to reach a broad customer.

2. One-size-fits-all approach for a lot of devices

Normally, an Internet-based app has a common barrier such as minimum hardware requirements, service providers, or even internet/web connectivity. Unlike OTT apps, SMS doesn’t have hardware or software constraints and it didn’t depend on the availability or speed of the internet. This allows SMS to reach any mobile phone device, even the most basic one.

3. SMS can offer an additional layer of security

Two-step authentication via SMS is one of the most used methods by companies today to avoid data theft and protect consumers from financial fraud. The use of OTP (Online Transaction Password) is also quite popular to the present day.

4. The most dependent technology for modern customer needs

The first Person-to-Person (P2P) SMS was sent in 1992 and the first Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS in 2001. The consecutive years saw the rise of the SMS with 2010 witnessing 6.1 trillion text exchanges. By this time, it was already adopted by 80% mobile subscribers worldwide.

A2P SMS itself allows an app, normally a web-based app, to deliver messages to a mobile subscriber. Best in class, enterprise-grade A2P solutions are available to enterprises and normally have a state-of-the-art APIs that can be integrated seamlessly with the enterprise IT infrastructure. Today, companies can gain faster delivery times and better reliability of service in accessing the global telecom network directly. This makes A2P SMS accessible to more companies to co connect with their customers and the result is made SMS as the most preferred channel of communication, be it for the one-time password, transaction information (payments or account withdrawals), reminder, flight updates, etc.

Although SMS is may be viewed as an antique technology, in fact, SMS is still the most accepted communication channel and can play a key role in connecting most modern technologies today. Innovation keeps continues today to make text-based services still relevant in the midst of rapid technological developments. One of them is Telkomsel MyAds, which was born from Telkomsel – a mobile operator with more than 190 million subscribers spread across Indonesia.

In this early 2018, Telkomsel MyAds has prepared a gift for its customers, a Rp150,000 discount when the customers top-up their balance.

To get the bonus, the business owner must register their business first in Telkomsel MyAds platform. You can open and select Advertise Now (Beriklan Sekarang) menu to sign up if you didn’t have an account. For more details, let’s check the terms and conditions below first:

  • This promotion lasts until 31 January 2018
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Telkomsel MyAds is a do-it-yourself advertising platform that facilitates advertisers to create, customize, and monitor their ads campaign on their own. With Telkomsel MyAds, advertisers can deliver their advertising messages through four Telkomsel inventories, which are Location Based Advertising, Broadcast, Targeted and Interactive with SMS, MMS, and USSD as the option.