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Tips Friday March 20th, 2020

5 Tips to Know Your Business Customers Better

By : Bizinsight

In this digital age, a one-size-fits-all marketing approach is arguably less appropriate. With more eyes on mobile phones, customers can now determine their interests and what is relevant for themselves. Starting from when they are more open to receiving messages, what content they are interested in, to users of language styles.

If you fail to reach your customers with personalized messages and tailored experiences, your brand and audience credibility can quickly diminish. Therefore, you should try to get to know your customers on a more personal level. This effort, if carried out, can ultimately help you create better digital marketing content and not feel flat like a glass of cola that has been opened.

Following are 5 tips to get to know your business customers better in the digital age:

Gather data that can be analyzed from various touchpoint

In the digital age, we are really swimming in data. So, it’s only natural that consumer metrics and insights have the value of gold granules for brands who want to understand their customer base more deeply. Therefore, it never hurts to search for data sources throughout your business touchpoints.

This data source can be obtained from various places such as social media analysis tools or cellular data platforms. In addition, you can also add classic technologies such as SMS as another data source. The use of SMS itself is still relevant in delivering marketing messages because it can expand the way customers are connected to the company and reach all layers of the current mobile user market. When this technology is combined with data-based marketing methods, the capability of targeting targets can also increase.

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As a leading telecommunications operator, Telkomsel itself has optimized data management technology since 2014 to be able to generate insights on consumer behavior collectively. This allows the brand to increase its ability to provide the right offer to consumers.

Brand owners can optimize the marketing methods that are mated with data management through various service solutions at Telkomsel DigiAds. As part of the large Telkomsel family, DigiAds can connect brands to more than 160 million Telkomsel customers throughout Indonesia as needed.

Spark Dialogue with customers

One of the tips to get to know customers that no doubt is to dialogue or start a conversation with them. There are many ways to start this step. You can meet face to face through small events or large seminars, responding to positive and negative reviews, through the user generated content (UGC) method, or from surveys and polls.

Meeting customers can help you understand how they connect with their colleagues. You can also listen to their voices in a way that doesn’t interfere and gain customer insight organically.

Regarding customer reviews, regardless of where they are posted, you must still respond. Doing this can help humanize your brand, show your commitment to the customer experience, and give you even more conversation insight.

Meanwhile, UGC can build credibility and trust while offering deeper insights into the minds of your customers. Meanwhile, through surveys and polls, you can reach more customers to get a more comprehensive insight into a specific topic.

Tips on getting to know your customers by personalized your offers, discounts, and incentives

Personalization is also a great way to get to know your customers better. If you offer your customers a customized discount, this step is likely to grow brand loyalty. If loyalty has grown, then you have the opportunity to get to know customers better.

Consumers in this digital age also interact more with brands when there are offers in the form of discounts or incentives that are relevant and interesting. If you have this, what other choices do you have? Start personalizing every offer, discount, and incentive for your brand.

For this offer to be more effective, you must also be able to reach many customers at the same time. One of the best tools to do this is through SMS service which is able to reach all mobile users without restriction.

Starting a customer loyalty scheme

Tips to get to know your business customers better that can be done is to start a customer loyalty scheme. Creating a customer loyalty scheme will not only increase your consumer retention rate but will also open a portal of ongoing communication between your brand and your audience.

This customer loyalty scheme also varies. However, there are at least seven schemes that are deemed to have worked well. The schemes are Point Program, Paid Program, The Charity Program, The Tier Program, Partner Program, The Community Program, and Subscription Program.

Customer Journey

Stop for a moment and look back at your customer journey.

Yes, to get to know customers better, often you have to put yourself in their shoes. Look again at all the touchpoints of your business where customers are in contact with your business. Starting from the website, social media, promotional media, consumer e-mail, live chat, and so on.

Are customer transactions with your business running smoothly? Is their experience enjoyable every time they relate to your business?

Reviewing the customer journey that you have once a year is important. By doing this, you can find things that can be improved. Then, look for and find new software/software, platforms, or tools/hardware that can improve your customer’s journey and reduce the resources needed to maintain your sales and marketing functions.

With more than 165 million Telkomsel customers, Telkomsel DigiAds digital advertising solutions can play an important role for advertisers in reaching their target customers. The right audience profile combined with the effective reach of using digital telecommunications inventory enables advertisers to better target their advertisements to potential customers, thus providing better insight. Thus, you can get to know your customers better.

Telkomsel DigiAds will continue to strive to grow to become a “digital marketing solutions provider” that is able to provide a complete, integrated and innovative digital advertising service that can also maximize reach, efficiency, and flexibility. Not only by utilizing Telkomsel’s extensive network but also supported by a comprehensive Customer Data Management (DMP) platform.

Telkomsel DigiAds are part of Telkomsel. Contact us via email at digitalads@telkomsel.co.id if you are interested in becoming a partner. Follow us on social media like Instagram and LinkedIn to find out more about insight and also our latest activities.