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Tips Friday April 17th, 2020

[Guide] How to activate your Telkomsel MyAds account

By : digiads

Activating the Telkomsel MyAds account is the most important step if the user wants to enjoy the ease of advertising through the Telkomsel MyAds service. By activating an account, users can make transactions to buy promo packages that run, create ads, and view reports of ads that have been served.

To activate your Telkomsel MyAds account is very easy. Users only need to prepare KTP documents as a condition for verification. Whereas for corporate accounts that require a tax invoice, it is required to complete the documents with the company’s NPWP in arrears.

To activate your Telkomsel MyAds account, you can follow the steps below:

Cara mengaktivasi akun Telkomsel MyAds/Telkomsel DigiAds

Cara mengaktivasi akun Telkomsel MyAds/Telkomsel DigiAds

Telkomsel MyAds is a service that facilitates its users to create and display advertisements. The advertising message is intended specifically for Telkomsel customers in supporting the marketing activities of business owners.

Ads that have been made can be sent in bulk (blast/broadcast), targeted, or based on a specific location (Location-Based Advertising). Currently, the service has three media that can be used for sending advertisements that have been made at Telkomsel MyAds, namely SMS, MMS, and pop-up messages (USSD).

By joining Telkomsel MyAds service, business owners can reach even more customers through advertising messages sent directly to Telkomsel customers that match their target market.

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