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Tips Friday May 29th, 2020

Four Strategies Utilizing Data Segmentation for Marketing Activities

By : Bizinsight

Data segmentation is the process of taking data that you have, dividing it, and grouping similar data based on parameters chosen. That way, you can use it more efficiently in marketing and operations.

Data segments can be very effective when used in marketing efforts because they can help companies better understand customers and understand advertising results. Examples of Data Segmentation are gender, industry, and interests.

The following are four strategies utilizing data segmentation that can be used by a business in maximizing its marketing activities:

Tailored The Customer Personas

Data segments can be used by marketers as a foundation in creating a persona. This is a single and detailed imaginary representation of one customer.

Creating personas can also help marketers determine the different audience segments. After that, visualize the type of campaign that is most attractive to customers with different preferences.

One thing that needs to be noted is, a good customer persona is not made in a short time. The most effective personas are developed based on unique company and industry insights, diligent research, and a true understanding of your ideal buyer.

Personalize the Offer Message

In general, buyers will like the offers given by companies or brands. Some of them like cashback offers, others prefer discounts, others like special offers in the store.

Data segmentation can help marketers in tailoring offer messages that are tailored to specific segments of the audience. Data segmentation can also be combined with A / B testing. That way, this can help marketers determine the optimal offer, which will appeal to different types of customers.

Marketing on the Right Channel

In this digital age, there are many marketing channels that marketers can try to support marketing activities. There are emails, social media, advertising banners, or short messages like SMS.

Email is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available as a method of reaching a broad audience that is divided into groups through data segmentation. Bulk email marketing has a high ROI for marketing, but a segmented and focused campaign has a higher value.

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Another marketing channel that utilizes data segmentation to increase the effectiveness and ROI of a marketing campaign is SMS. At Telkomsel DigiAds, SMS can be used as an enabler technology to send the right marketing messages to the right audience segment. An example can be seen from the cooperation of Telkomsel DigiAds with one of the ride-hailing services in Indonesia in Ramadan last year.

With the help of Telkomsel’s customer profiling technology combined with creative strategies to deliver messages, this marketing activity generated more than 360,000 impressions from Telkomsel customers. Of these, 15 percent (more than 56 thousand) clicked on the link embedded in the message received. As a result, there were more than 11,000 Telkomsel customers who made promo claims from this marketing activity.


Retargeting is a common thing for marketers to do. Usually, this involves potential customers who have visited the brand or product website without a conversion.

By utilizing data segmentation, these customers can be divided into groups based on previous behavior, products viewed, cellular data, or other relevant data analytics. By using data segmentation, marketers can reach people who have shown this interest, make interesting messages, and turn them into potential customers.

Take Away

Data segments can help marketers deepen understanding of customer needs and expectations of a brand or company. With this insight, marketing efforts can be directed towards meeting those needs and enhancing the customer experience with personalized messages and offers.

In the end, the use of data segmentation has now become an important component of marketing tools. Utilizing data segmentation can increase the reach, quality, and value of marketing campaigns.

As part of the Telkomsel family, Telkomsel DigiAds can offer a syndicated audience segment that can be tailored to brand needs. We collect this data for years and segment it to specific audiences to help brands deliver the right message to the right consumers

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