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Tips Friday July 27th, 2018

Three Things You Should Watch in Influencer Marketing

By : Bizinsight

Influencer marketing. This terminology continues to rise with the increasing adoption of social media. However, just like other marketing strategy, influencers marketing also can be good, bad, and ugly. As simple as it sounds, doing it right will take time and a lot of energy, effort, and attention to detail.

Ten years ago, social media was not as popular as today. No one thought that having a lot of friends or followers could open a new gold mine. Yes, in those days, social media only became a platform for connecting with people, either old friend or new.

However, it began to shift when Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account touched one million followers. We are seeing more of the mainstream media as an echo of social media that allows the mass of social media to determine what is important and can reflect public sentiment.

As time passes and social media users keep rising, business opportunities began to ogled. Finally, there is a strategy that leverages influential people in social media as a new marketing channel. It is also the fruit of the saturation of society that has been frequently exposed to hard-selling marketing.

Then, what should be considered if you want to use this channel as part of your marketing plan?

Your Goals for Influencer Marketing Strategy! 

Influencer marketing is probably the best way to improve your branding without doing much effort. You can benefit from organic content that is not self-made but can encourage your brand engagement. This can be the best way to save on content creation costs.

However, back again to the fundamental question. What is your purpose for using this channel? Why should you have a goal here?

Well, just like any other marketing strategy, determining the purpose of an influencer marketing strategy can help you in creating marketing campaigns that fit your business. Generally, influencer marketing is used to improve brand awareness, product launches, content generation, community building, and research.

The Influencer Marketing Spectrum

Incluencer Marketing Pyramid/Starngage

Influencer Marketing Pyramid/Starngage

After determining the goals, the next thing to note is to choose the influencer who will become a partner. The term ‘influencer’ itself is usually used to describe celebrities, ‘elite’ social media, and bloggers who can be re-identified to be:

Mega-Influencer: Individuals who have other income as the main income and only utilize its influence as additional income. Athletes, actors, artists, top models, and celebrities are individuals who fall into this group.

Macro-Influencer: The individual who can make his or her influence as the main income as his or her primary profession. Journalists, Youtuber, and Selebgram are individuals who fall into this group.

Micro-Influencer: Everyday consumers who have relevant influences and may not know it, or aspire to be macro-influencers. Typically, the number of followers in social media reaches thousands and under five hundred thousand.

Brand-Advocate: Everyday consumers are passionate and willing to share, but have little effect.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

One of the best aspects of influencer marketing strategy is to build trust. Content that is influenced by influencers is generally authentic so it can encourage its followers to believe. However, along with the increasing adoption of social media, this originality is also threatened.

An influencer is a free and unbound individual who can work with multiple companies at the same time. When it happens, they usually have templates for sponsored content that will be used repeatedly and make consumers more aware that it is paid content. It is not wrong, but it will also pose the risk of sponsored content to be ignored because it considered does not have much different from a hard-selling strategy.

The worst thing that can happen from this strategy can come from the unexpected. For example, a partner influencer creates personal content or commentary on the sensitive issue like racism, religion, etc. This could have a negative impact on the brand persona. If so, inevitably, the partnership that has been established must be cut.

Influencer marketing can indeed make the image of a brand skyrocket and can save some costs. However, as a marketing strategy, it is also important to do a little research about who you do business with.

Every individual who has influence has a different character. Not everyone is honest, not everyone can represent your brand. So do your homework when it comes to choosing who you will work with because it can be the difference between a successful or a failed campaign.

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