Tips Monday November 13th, 2017

Internet in One Minutes

By : Bizinsight

Have you ever wondering how big the Internet is today with 3.7 billion users used the services in it? But, actually, no matter how much you imagine it, the size of the internet in 2017 is too big to imagine. So, if we want to try to understand it, we should look at a smaller scale. For example like what happened in a minute on the internet, as what Lori Lewis and Chadd Calahan from Cumulus Media did below.



The graph above is showing the incredible scale of content creation that takes place within a minute on the internet from e-commerce, social media, email, and other content creation services. Then, what does that mean for business players in the digital field?

More Competitive Content

With the increasing number of people joining the internet, the content milling is also increasing. So it is natural we see all the parties vying to deliver the best possible content for their audiences. However, keep in mind that the control remains in the hands of the audience. If the content they receive is irrelevant, not useful, not entertaining, don’t be surprised if they close their eyes, ears, and mouth.

Although it looks easy, creating an attractive content for the audience and able to compete with humongous content milling on the internet is not a simple matter. Below, there are three things that you can consider before creating a content for your audience, especially for the Indonesian market.

Give a Story That Your Audience Doesn’t Want to Miss

When talking about the content creation, we shouldn’t forget it must fit with the market tastes in order not to be ignored. No matter how cool or premium the content from aboard, people will still prefer the news around them. In the end, content with local themes will speak and can give a story that your audience doesn’t want to miss. Furthermore, we can consider putting some humor or other elements that can inspire because it can help to build a brand image.

Do not Ignore the Moment

As a country with diverse cultures, Indonesia has many moments that can be exploited to create content that can capture the audience attention. For example, Ramadan, Ied Mubarak, Christmas, New Year, Independence, and much more. However, in this digital age with the increasing smartphone penetration, the moment which should not ignore is a micro-moment. Micro-moments are present when people are reflexively switching to their smartphone to learn something, do something, find something, see something, or buy something. It is an essential moment because it can influence decisions and shape preference for something.

Measure and Analyze

If the themes and time decided for the content that we want to send to the targeted audiences, next thing to do is to measure and analyze it. You can’t put what all your audience like on the same page, each one of them will have their own taste. So once the content delivered, look at the data to measure the success rate of it. Analyze which channels provide the highest engagement, the right delivery time, preferred themes, word selection, and more. Then, make the data analysis as a reference in making decisions to design a better future strategy.

[Img Source: geralt/Pixabay]