Tips Monday April 30th, 2018

[Beginner’s Guide] How To Create Telkomsel MyAds Sender ID

By : Bizinsight

After you create and Top-Up your balance at yours Telkomsel MyAds account for your business, the next thing to do is create a Telkomsel MyAds Sender ID. It is an identity that usually consists of 11 characters of letters, numbers, or a combination of both that can represent your business name. Sender ID itself will always appear as the name of the message sender’s, be it on SMS, MMS, or any text-based service.

A good Sender ID always able to represent a business name and in Telkomsel MyAds, you can create your Sender ID by following the steps below:



Telkomsel MyAds is an advertising platform that can facilitate business owners or advertisers to create, customize and deliver their own advertisements to all Telkomsel subscribers in Indonesia according to their needs. Through Telkomsel MyAds, advertisers can deliver their advertising messages directly to their target market via mobile devices using media such as SMS, MMS or USSD. In addition, Telkomsel MyAds also enables its users to customize the ads according to their needs through the four benefits of the services offered, such as Location Based Advertising (LBA), Broadcast, Targeted, and Interactive.

Although there is a lot of talking said that text-based messages start to lose their place, the fact is, it stillĀ has a place in the midst of the rapid pace of technological development today. By joining Telkomsel MyAds service, business owners can now embrace more customers through advertising messages delivered directly to Telkomsel’s subscribers that match their desired target market.

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