Tips Friday June 8th, 2018

Stay Relevant in the Midst of Evolving Digital Marketing

By : Bizinsight

The marketing world will always be evolving in line with the changing trend in every era, whether in terms of definition or execution. In this digital era, the consumer also has the power in the tip of their finger. Just by swiping, scrolling, and skipping, consumers now have a higher authority to choose ho they want to interact with content. This makes traditional marketing feels less effective and relevant in capturing the target market. So, what marketer should do to keep the wheels in this digital age?

Basically, businesses that understand how fast marketing trends evolved will start designing their marketing strategies earlier. Some of them will focus on social media as a digital marketing channel because they believe it is the most effective channel. But, there are also those who prefer marketing via email.

However, regardless of which channel is used, any business that wants to grow cannot survive by relying on only one channel that has proven successful. They must have a determination to always look for new marketing trends and understand how it will affect the business. In addition, to keep your business relevant in this digital age, you can also consider some of the things below.

Embrace the Millennials and the Younger Generation

The millennial generation is a big and powerful market. Embracing them can be key if you want to succeed in the digital world, especially through the use of mobile devices and social media. If your business operates in Indonesia, this can be a good step because Indonesia is predicted to have demographic bonuses until 2030. This is a transitional period when productive people are growing in number when compared to unproductive people (by age).

In addition to making these young people a target market, you also need to embrace them as “peers”. Admit it, as time goes by, your business will get “old”. You will need young souls to revive your efforts and blast creative ideas that are not only in line with the company’s vision but are also in demand by your target market.

Empower Employees to Share and Collaborate

Marketing in the digital era is like a “sports team” who always competing tightly. Therefore forming an environment that appreciates open communication in the body of the company becomes essential for flourishing the innovation. It is also important for marketers to recognize the need to collaborate, especially with information systems specialists. Nowadays, information is very easy to find. But, the value-added provided by the marketing team will make the difference.

In addition, you also need to realize that your employees may be more influential than you realize. They can contribute significantly to your content marketing efforts if they are active in the digital platform. People who connect with your employees are people who also have agreed to receive your company information. It is likely that they can become a market that is highly relevant to your business.

Break Through the Noises With Creative Content

Consumers have been bombarded by thousands of information and always overexposed to hard selling marketing models. Consequently, they become smarter and do not want to swallow all the information they received.

In order for the created marketing content to become more prominent than others, marketers need to embrace a customer-centric strategy. Learn what your customers want at a certain time they want, then serve with relevant stories and content. Do not be afraid to experiment and play with their emotions until you find the right formula to reach your customers amidst all the noises.

Embracing New Technology Trends

Undoubtedly, the rapid development of technology has managed to shape lives and influence our behavior in many ways. If marketers do not want to embrace it, it is not impossible that their marketed products will be left and die with calm.

In 2018, there are already many predictions that discuss any technology that will be the trend in the future and should begin to be noticed. However, these advanced technologies are still far from the practical use stage. A lot of potentials is still to be extracted from advanced technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more.

Instead, marketers really just need to focus on some interesting marketing developments that have grown in 2017. For example, mobile devices, location-based advertising, video, and content customization.

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