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Tips Thursday October 24th, 2019

3 Most Effective Storytelling Tips, Big Secrets for CEOs!

By : Bizinsight

In this modern era, we are witnessing an intense business competition. Thanks to various innovations in the field of technology, the drive for a business to strive to dominate the market has also become harder. Company leaders and business owners are required to see the opportunities that exist so they do not miss the opportunities they have.

The existence of loyal customers has become one of the most important things that must be prioritized so that every business is able to dominate the market segment. Every marketing strategy and product innovation in business must refer to market demand and the level of customer satisfaction. One way to improve both of these is to make customers feel relate or close to the product.

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Customer involvement in a business product determines when a company or brand wants loyal customers. When customers have an emotional connection to the product, trust in the quality of the product will be built. Then, if he can feel comfortable with a product, the repurchase ratio is likely to be much higher.

The question that arises now is how best to insert emotional feelings to customers?

The most appropriate answer to this question is to make good storytelling. Storytelling is the ability to convey information in an evocative way so that the listener can feel the emotions that are expressed in the story being told.

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Storytelling is one of the capabilities that must be owned by company executives because they are the ‘face’ of the brand or business. With good storytelling, the value brought by the business will reach the customer intact. A study from Surveygizmo shows that 48% of 500 professionals believe that communicating data through a good presentation is the key to pleasing investors.

In storytelling, there are several factors that must be considered to get the maximum impact. Here are 3 of the most powerful storytelling tips that are perfect, big secrets for CEOs!

Interesting Storytelling Style

When someone tells a story in public, getting attention from as many people as possible is the storyteller’s target. As a narrator, the best effort that can be done is through a unique, interesting, and easy to understand storytelling style. You, as the storyteller, must be able to explain many complex things about your business in simple words but still be able to attract attention.

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Steve Jobs is one of the best figures in telling stories in public. He was able to explain the problem that Apple wanted to solve in magical words, but simply and that could convince his audience. Even so, it does not mean other figures such as Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg, and Sheryl Sandberg are bad in storytelling. They also have a unique style of storytelling that can enchant the audience.

Dreams and Expectations

The audience who listens to the story will build curiosity about the purpose of the story being told. Storytellers must be able to make this factor a ‘bait’ to gain the trust of the audience. By presenting expectations and big things that become the destination of the business.

Take advantage of body gesture as well as possible

The task for storytellers in telling stories is not only to think of the right set of words to be conveyed but also how they are presented. It takes more than good words to inspire someone’s heart. Therefore, every detail of body gestures when telling a story must be considered as well as possible in order to support the taste and values ​​to be conveyed. Various tools such as slide presentations, or video content can also be used for the needs of the third storytelling tips.

Storytelling is something that must be prepared carefully by the CEOs of the company because it has an impact on the image that is built. With mature storytelling, the way to the hearts of customers is also wide open. Well, which storytelling tips have you tried?