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Tips Friday April 10th, 2020

Work From Home Tips for Maximizing Work Productivity

By : Bizinsight

Work from home tips has become one of the hot topics in the past few months. This is a scheme implemented by many companies to break the spread of Covid-19.

However, working from home also has two sides. The good side is the workers do not have to get stuck in traffic. While the challenge is, workers must be able to keep their motivation high.

For those of you who are still following the advice to work from home, here are three Work from home tips that you can read

Three work from home tips for maximizing work productivity.

First, create room for work. When working in an office, the daily routines will help your brain to get ready for the day. Starting from getting ready, went to the office, and going back home. To get the brain thinking we have the same situation, creating workspace at home can be the key.

By creating a workspace, the brain can be triggered to start the day, which makes your head ready to work the same way every day. This Work from home tips can also help you in telling your family that you are working. This will minimize the disturbances that you don’t need when working.

Second, optimize technology services. Oh come on, we are in an era where almost everything has been touched by digital service. There are Whatsapp instant messages, Slack applications for teams, Google Drive cloud storage for document collaboration, Zoom for video calls, and much more.

The only task left is to find and use a stable network service provider so that all technologies can be used smoothly. For example, by using a reliable Telkomsel network.

In addition to providing a reliable network, you can also work with Telkomsel DigiAds to promote the business that you run. Telkomsel DigiAds is a digital marketing solutions provider for brands that provide complete, integrated, and innovative digital advertising services.

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Third, make a routine and discipline to stick with it. Yes, the last work from home tips is about discipline. Even though it looks easy, working from home does indeed need a high discipline attitude. One way to protect it is to make a routine schedule and using it as a reference for working on a working day.

Make a schedule when to get up, exercise, rest to eat, or play with children, even until when to stop working. Also, do not forget to maintain self-discipline in maintaining personal hygiene such as bathing and hand washing regularly.

Take away

In the end, WFH is an integral part of the change in mindset from “the balance of life and work” to the “integration of life and work”. Aside from the global misfortune caused, Covid-19 also brought us to the forefront of challenges and other possibilities in business.

Going forward, we believe that the boundary between work and life is not static, but shifted. In the near future, responsibility for conducive outcomes, health, and well-being will be actively decided by the workplace and individuals.

In this time of uncertainty, Telkomsel DigiAds will continue to business as usual in supporting the marketing activities of brands and companies while at the same time, prioritizing employee safety. Telkomsel DigiAds is part of Telkomsel with a focus on marketing and digital advertising business.

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