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Four Modern Marketing Tips in the Game Industry

In the past, gamers had stereotyped as school outcasts, dreamers, shy, loners who struggled to get into the real world. But that stereotype is now dead because almost everyone enjoys digital gaming - from children, women, parents, to professional sports athletes. In Indonesia, the gaming industry is no longer underestimated and is starting to get the attention of the government to build a healthy ecosystem. image content Newzoo Insight into Indonesia Games Market Infographics 2019/Newzoo[/caption] Newzoo Insight into Indonesia Games Market Infographics 2019/Newzoo[/caption] Yes, our world has indeed turned into a paradise for gamers. According to a Newzoo report in December 2019, it was mentioned that gamers in Indonesia spent a total of $ 1.1 billion on games last year. This makes Indonesia one of the biggest game markets in Southeast Asia. The question now is, how can marketers exploit this potential and maximize the visibility of their company's brand in the highly competitive gaming industry? The following are five modern marketing tips in the game industry that we have summarized from various sources. Gaming influencer

Influencer marketing is no longer a secret as modern marketing tips in the gaming industry today. Many large brands from various industries use their services on various platforms to reach a wider audience. Brands only need to find the right partnership with relevant influencers and their products can look better in the market.

Indeed, at present, most brands that do marketing through gaming influencers are arguably still limited to brands related to gaming. For example, such as a smartphone brand, the game developer brand itself, or a computer component brand. However, it does not mean there is no opportunity for other brands to explore this opportunity.


The simplest modern marketing tips in the gaming industry are to become a sponsor, whether it's for an activity, an individual, or a team related to the gaming world. With the rapid development taking place in the gaming industry, which is increasingly connected and social, sponsorship activities have become commonplace here.

Brands can also feel many benefits by becoming a sponsor, especially if this sponsorship activity is related to a large event. By sponsoring an activity, a company can increase brand awareness, exposure, positive image, to interaction and create direct relationships with consumers.

Product Placement

The rapid development of the game industry has finally opened up new opportunities in digital advertising. One of them is through product placement and these are modern marketing tips in the gaming industry that we want to discuss. Indeed, this time it sounds less familiar in the Indonesian market, but that does not mean that nobody has ever done it.

In Japan, there is a game for Nintendo Switch devices that can be played by all people of various ages named Splatoon 2: Splashfest. In 2017, McDonald's is working with them to market their french fries and nuggets that players can choose from at the start of the game. Interesting right?

image content Pokemon Go x Starbucks/Pokemon Go[/caption]

Another example of this product placement can also be seen from the collaboration between Starbuck and the Pokemon Go game. In 2016, when Pokémon Go went viral, Starbucks worked with game developers to mark its 7,800 physical locations in Gyms or PokéStops on AR maps. When players enter Starbucks Gym or PokéStop, they can see limited-edition Frappuccino ads.

Imagine, later on, you can put your latest product in an RPG game so that players can buy it to improve their character status or just become an ornament at headquarters.

Mobile Advertising

Modern marketing tips in the next game industry is to utilize mobile ads. Today, the eyeballs of digital service users are more focused on their mobile screens. So, there's nothing wrong if you make use of all available digital advertising channels to reach a wider market.

Not all gamers can play their favorite games every time. So, you have done a special collaboration with a game development company, it's also good if you remind the sleeping players to wake up. One of the best ways to do this is through technology that can reach all mobile users such as SMS or or banner display to reach online game players.

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