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DiRumahAja Appeal Has Created New Habits

When Covid-19 began to spread widely in Indonesia, the government immediately urged people to stay at home and the hashtag #DiRumahAja became popular. This step, in the end, changes and creates new habits in everyday life. This can be seen from the increase in the use of cellular data of Indonesian people based on Telkomsel's internal data. .

Increased use of cellular data aims to maintain productivity, find information, to find entertainment using mobile applications. Meanwhile, to maintain a friendly relationship with family, applications for communication such as Whatsapp, Zoom, and Goole Meet also found its popularity.

#Dirumahaja, Education, Productivity, and Religion applications have increased traffic

The government's call to stay home when the Covid-19 pandemic extends divided into three categories. First, an appeal to learn from home. Second, an appeal to work from home. Third, an appeal to worship from home.

image content Increased traffic in several application categories according to the government's call/DigiAds[/caption]

These three appeals ultimately led to an increase in cellular data traffic up to 10.90 percent in the period of 16 March - 23 April 2020. This was also followed by a significant increase in traffic in all three related categories. Educational applications have increased to 284.6 percent, productivity applications have reached 76.09 percent, and religious applications have increased to 52.1 percent.

#DiRumahAja appeal has created new habits

In addition to increasing traffic in all three categories, several other application categories also experienced a significant increase in traffic. Some of them are applications in the e-commerce category which increased 50.4 percent; the gaming, music, and video applications group increased 39.1 percent; the health, insurance, and food application group increased 53.2 percent; while the applications in the furniture and beauty equipment category increased 18.13 percent.

Meanwhile, applications in the transportation and travel category group experienced a significant decline reaching 13.2 percent. It's only natural to recall the government's call to stay home.

image content Increased traffic in several application categories during the call to stay home/DigiAds[/caption]

In addition to the new habit of seeking entertainment through games, music, and videos, the habit of online charity also increased. The Covid-19 outbreak that was happening close to the moment of Ramadan encouraged Indonesians to give alms online to deal with the outbreak. This can be seen from the traffic that increased up to 192 percent.

image content Improved online alms and popular communication applications/DigiAds[/caption]

Meanwhile, hospitality activities that are usually carried out by visiting the homes of relatives or friends are replaced by virtual activities. This can be seen from the significant increase in traffic reaching 4.3PB / day when Eid. Applications in the communication categories such as Whatsapp, Zoom, and Google Meet have become popular to keep in touch with relatives and friends.

Appeal #DiRumahAja has an impact on Indonesian mobility

As mentioned earlier, the #DiRumahAja appeal hurt the transportation and travel application categories. This was also emphasized when we tried to see data on Telkomsel customer movements. As a result, when the government urged people to do activities from home, there was a decrease in mobility amid the community.

image content #DiRumahAja has an impact on decreasing Indonesian mobility throughout the country/DigiAds[/caption]

Even so, unique things happen before Eid al-Fitr. Yes, there was a surge in the homecoming movement before the government issued an appeal not to do homecoming activities on March 24, 2020. The highest increase in mobility occurred from DKI Jakarta to Central Java, which reached 112.3 percent.

image content There is still a surge in travelers before Eid/DigiAds[/caption] Take Away

Covid-19 has indeed given a hard blow to various sectors. Even so, it is not that there are no opportunities that can be explored. From the data we share, we can see that Indonesian people are now more accustomed to digital lifestyles.

The call for #DiRumahAja which the government has called for has created a new habit of using mobile applications that depend on reliable internet connectivity. If Covid-19 is finished, this new habit may persist and continue to evolve.

Opportunities like this certainly must be put to good use, especially by digital marketers. Of course, taking into account the relevant message and not leaving empathy.

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