Digital Advertising

Increase your product promotion by running advertisements in the form of images and videos on sites visited by target consumers while browsing the internet.

Brands using Digital Advertising:

Reach target consumers by displaying advertisements while streaming videos, such as movies, series, or sports match shows on Telkomsel's MAXstream application.

Ads appear via:
Pre-roll: before starting a video with a duration of up to 30 seconds (non-skippable).
Mid-roll: when the video starts with a duration of up to 30 seconds (non-skippable).
Banner: when the video starts.
Ad Format
Texts, image, and video, with URL link.
1,7 Juta
Active user
Average complete view rate
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Increase engagement by displaying variations of advertisements to Telkomsel customers using Android and the Roli application.

Advertising solutions in Roli:
Watchads: advertising space in the form of images & videos that can be directly clicked and watched.
Carousel: ads appear on the main page to get a high level of awareness.
Surveys:get comments from surveys filled out by Roli users.
Articles: information & education to increase product awareness by soft selling.
Wheel of Fortune:Programmatic video ad that can be accessed after the user has played.
Ad Format
Texts, URL link, images, and video.

Targeting potential Telkomsel consumers by displaying your ad on the MyTelkomsel application.

Ads will appear on the sliding banner and programmatic explorer page in the My Telkomsel application.
Ad format
Text, URL links, and images.
19,1 Juta
Active User
Average bill / usage
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Dunia Games

Targeting your ads to the gamer community in Indonesia by displaying them through Telkomsel's Dunia Games portal.

Ads are displayed on the website, application, and Youtube Channel of Dunia Games through banners, articles and videos.
Ad format
Built in, ad libs, and videos.
4,4 Juta
Active users per month
16,1 Juta
Page views per month

Providing you to reach a wider range of consumers by buying ad space in various publishers automatically through a programmatic advertising platform.

Automate ad space purchases via:
Real-Time Bidding: The process of buying ad space via auction is executed in real time & automatically by the computer.

Direct Tags:Purchase ad space without going through the auction process, so that ads are guaranteed to appear in the publisher that has been determined.
Ad Format
Text, images and videos, with URL links
2,1 Juta
Impressions / day
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Case Study
Case Study 1
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5 Juni 2020 . min

Audience in various aspects around the environment

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Case Study 2
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5 Juni 2020 . min

Audience in various aspects around the environment

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Case Study 3
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5 Juni 2020 . min

Audience in various aspects around the environment

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