The solution to reach a wider target consumer by buying advertising space in various publishers automatically through Programmatic, which connects advertisers through the DSP (Demand Side Platform) and publishers through SSP (Supply Side Platform), with Telkomsel's ad space network.

Demand Side Platform
Used by Advertiser & Agencies allow to buy
impressions across a range of publisher sites
Supply Side Platform
Used by Publisher allow to be
connected to multiple ad networks & DSP
Data Managament Platform (DMP)

A DMP is the backbone of data -driven marketing and serves as a unifyinf
platform to collect, organize and activate your first- and third party audience
data from any source, including online, offline or mobile.


Classifying target consumer data in Basic, Medium, Advance, and Profiling Targeting.

Data Taxonomy

Arrange and classify target consumer data into various groups based on certain levels.


10 million per day

60+ Publisher


1.7 Million IMP/Day
Real Time Bidding

The process of buying ad space via auction is run real-time & automated by computer, via PMP, PMP Preferred Deal, PMP Guaranteed, and Open Market

Direct Tags

Purchase ad space without going through the auction process, then the ad is guaranteed to appear in the publisher that has been determined

Advertising solutions through Programmatic

Advertise solution through video that reaches Telkomsel customers directly after downloading the Roli application.

Banner Ads

The solution reaches the target consumers of Telkomsel network users by placing advertisements on the banners of the websites they visit.

DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home)

The solution reaches a wider target consumer in public areas (hotels, airports, malls, etc.) by advertising on the Telkomsel digital media network.

Online Tracker Service

The solution analyzes the effectiveness of advertisements by tracking the responses made by target consumers, such as clicks, installs, registers, etc.

Because we truly understand in
delivering your message to
target consumers in Indonesia

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