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*I agree to be contacted by DigiAds customer service and receive information about DigiAds via Email Address/phone.
You may have an advertisement consultation and planning with DigiAds team or you may advertise independently through MyAds platform. The campaign/advertisement execution at Telkomsel DigiAds is supported by a trusted and transparent platform. Thus, at the end of the period you will receive a post campaign report as insight that can help you to evaluate and optimize your next campaign/advertisement.
We have various campaign / advertising solutions, including:
  • Messaging
    Facilitate users to advertise by sending messages to target customers according to user needs, such as Targeted SMS, LBA SMS, Pop-Up Message (USSD), RBT/NSP, and IVR.
  • Display/Video
    Facilitate users to present campaigns/advertisement in the form of visuals and text, interactive banners or videos when the target customer is browsing on the Telkomsel’s network.
  • Performance Base Campaign
    Campaign/advertising strategy services that are provided analysis and well-designed in a comprehensive manner with the aim of being able to generate prospects and effective activation in accordance with the agreed KPI.
  • Rewards
    Facilitates users in providing rewards such as phone packages, quota packages, and SMS packages given to selected customers.
You only need to fill in your personal/company data and your contact information on the sales contact menu on the DigiAds website. We will contact you shortly for more information. If you want to advertise independently, you may visit Telkomsel MyAds website and please follow the tutorial.
We have a post campaign report, accordingly so you are able to monitor and evaluate your ad.
Yes, it does. SMS is an advertisement inventory that are able to reach a wide range of TELKOMSEL subscribers, both basic telephone and smartphones users. Currently, SMS advertising effectiveness is with a Click Through Rate (CTR) of up to 3%.
LBA (Location Based Advertising) is a way of campaign/advertisement that are able to be managed based on a specific location, starting from cities, regencies, districts to buildings according to your needs. Meanwhile, Targeted is a campaign that are able to be targeted based on the area, domicile, and profile of the MSISDN (age, gender, ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), religion, etc.).
We affiliate with programmatic third parties as follows:
  • DSP: DV360, TTD, Amobee & other DSP
  • SSP: Adex & Pubmatic
Yes, you may execute it independently. You only need to register for theTelkomsel MyAds.Then once approved, you can follow the easy steps that need to be done, among other are making a Sender ID (Sender's Name), filling out the balance, and then creating an ad. For further complete methods, you may download the manual guide at
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