The first and largest programmatic ads publisher premium platform in Indonesia that connects advertisers with various trusted Indonesian publishers.

Start collaborating with TADEX to achieve your business targets
as an advertiser or publisher.

For those of you as an advertiser such as a brand or agency, TADEX can help you target ads to a wider audience precisely and effectively.

DSP partner: TTD, Amobee, and other DSP servers.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Supported by DMP technology as a programmatic advertising data center, we can
collect profiles of your target consumers from online, offline and mobile, then process them into
segmentation data that you can use. choose to target the right ads on the appropriate websites.


Classifying target consumer data in Basic, Medium, Advance, and Profiling Targeting.

Taxonomy Data

Arrange and classify target consumer data into various groups based on certain levels.


10 million per day

Why Advertise with TADEX?
One Platform for Campaigns on Various Publisher Channels

Ads / campaigns can be run easily through a single platform that is directly connected to publisher-direct desktop, mobile web, mobile app, and publisher's OTT.

Ad Optimization with Various Ads Formats

Ads can be displayed in various programmatic ads format to convey messages attractively & effectively.

Reach the Right Target Consumer

Ads can target consumers more specifically according to the telco data of Telkomsel customers and the publisher audience.

Cost Effective

Ads are displayed in various publisher ad spaces with CPM costs that comply with the standards.

Advertise solution through TAdeX

For you as a publisher, TADEX provides more opportunities for available ad space to be purchased by advertisers so that they can increase revenue.

SSP partner: Pubmatic

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Why Join TADEX?
Increase Ad Revenue

Helping publishers to get more potential advertisers to advertise on various platforms.

Become a Credible Publisher

Increase credibility as a trusted Indonesian publisher, because it is verified by the Press Council and supported by the Indonesian Cyber Media Association.

Get Competitive Prices

Get competitive ad prices so that it can help grow the publisher's business.

Get Insights Based on Data Analysis

Helping publishers analyze their audience data to run advertisements / campaigns from advertisers more effectively.

It's time to increase your ad revenue by
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Because we truly understand in
delivering your message to
target consumers in Indonesia

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